How do I go about getting baptized in the Baptist or Pentecostal church? ACME Missionary Baptist Church
Mar 042010

I grew up in a baptist church but I have always wondered what the difference was between the baptist and methodist churches. In my hometown the two churches would combine services every Thanksgiving so I know that there isn’t a big difference.

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  1. drasago says:

    Pretty much the only difference is in the spelling.

  2. Niner says:

    Both churches are protestant, meaning the original “parent” church from which they departed was Roman Catholic.

    Methodist services are liturgical — very similar to a Catholic mass.

    Baptist theology is more distant from its Roman Catholic origin.

  3. Exotherm1 says:

    The Methodist church, teachings, and beliefs came out of the Protestant movement begun by Martin Luther. Methodists still retain a few of their root Roman Catholic teachings, but not many. In general, they still teach baptism (infant and adult).

    Baptists, regardless of many erroneous definitions, did not originate in the Protestant movement, but trace their history back to the earliest known Christian churches. A good reference for a partial history is to Google J.M. Carroll’s “The Trail of Blood”.

    Baptists are truer to the Bible, using a literal interpretation where allegorical or metaphorical interpretations are clearly not indicated. Baptists believe in salvation by Grace through faith in Jesus Christ only. Baptists also believe in baptism as a observance of the only two ordinances given by Jesus and as a public, symbolic identification with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.

    Hope that helps.

    EDIT: To Pastor Art. Sir, you are incorrect to generalize that “baptists” believe in predestination. Only Primitive (”Hardshell”) Baptists believe in that. Southern, Northern, and Missionary Baptists all believe that every one has opportunity and conviction to be saved.

  4. Bennie S SFCU says:

    The methodist have gotten away for the teachings of Christ and therefore the methodist church is fading away. in 50 years they will not exist. and that is because they have strayed from the teachings of the old church where they taught that Jesus is the only way to God. I have a niece who goes to a methodist and they never say a word about being saved from the penalty of your sins. So her little daughter will never hear for her church how to get saved and go to heaven. I say it is sad.
    BY the way, I am a Baptist.
    U can compare the methodist to the catholics now.

  5. Pastor Art (((SFCU))) says:

    Baptists believe in predestination and that baptism should only occur after someone has made a profession of faith claiming to be a Christian.

    In other words they believe that God decided in advance who would become a Christian and who won’t.

    Methodists believe in Free Will, meaning each person gets to decide. Methodists also will baptize babies, something which Baptists won’t.

    Those are the most significant differences.

  6. Chris D says:

    methodists recognize all saints day but i don’t think baptists not a methodist by the way im catholic.By the way Why are baptists so full of bs?They say,”oh i am so good and great and God’s taking me to heaven.”Then they treat others like shit! But then again some catholics are like that too.So sorry baptists.maybe i should delete what i typed then maybe i shouldnt.SORRY DUDES AND GIRLS.Love you all.don’t think thats weird.

  7. John S, BaC says:

    Yeah, I grew up like that too, Except we went to the Methodists church.
    I later became a Baptists.
    Well, they are a lot alike. The main differences is that the Baptists churches will be far more conservative, and rarely will you see a female pastor. In the Methodist church female pastors are very common and also gay pastors.
    Many years ago most of the churches in the USA began to grow more liberal- including the Baptists. However, over the last 30 years or so the baptists seemed to have turned their churches around and have become conservative again. The Methodists have continued their slide into liberalism- especially the United Methodists.
    Yes, they are still similar in worship style, just one is lose and the other is tight.
    One other thing- the Methodists belong to a controlling denomination. Each church takes orders from a bishop or a higher up official in the national organization. The baptists differ in that they so belong to national groups, but they are autonomous. They take orders from no one. The local church controls the local church.

  8. dewcoons says:

    The Methodist are a protestant denomination that got its start in the mid 1700s. He was founded by John Wesley, who started a revival that swept first across England and then the United States. The names comes from the very “methodical” way Wesley taught his followers to study their Bibles, tithe, attend churches, and do other Christian “duties”.

    Today, they are the second larger Christian group behind the Catholics. They are usually somewhat liberal in their theology, and low demand with only one service (Sunday mornings) during the week. Their services are usually formal and use a lot of liturgies (readings, and rituals).

    “Baptist” is a term that covers several hundred different denominations that have the word “baptist” in their title. Usually refers to a church that believes in baptizing people by immersion after they are adults.

    Usually they are more conservation/fundamental in their teachings, and have a Sunday night and mid-week service. Their services are informal, and usually have no liturgies.

    Usually the “baptist” are the kind of churches where you want to bring a bible and be prepared to use it several times during the service, the Methodist you do not need to bring a bible. If they reference it, they will have it printed in the bulletin for you.

  9. darthjuku says:

    The Methodist Church was formed by Henry Wycliffe in the early 1300’s while many Baptist Church members believe they can trace their roots to John the Baptist. Baptists tend to believe the “once saved always saved” mentality claiming that the are following the Bible more closely. While Methodists and many other faiths disagree. The following verses support the Methodist and the Catholic beliefs.
    Mt 24:13 those who persevere to the end will be saved.
    Rom: 11:22 remain in his kindness or you will be cut off
    Phil 2:12 work out your salvation in fear and trembling
    1 Cor 9:27 drive my body for fear of being disqualified
    1 Cor 10:11-12 those thinking they are secure, may fall
    2 tim 2:11-13 must hold out to end to reign with Christ
    Heb 10:26-27 if sin after receiving truth, judgment remains
    Also, in my experience I have found that Baptists tend to look down on other Christian faiths and many are openly hostile to Catholics such as myself. Not to say that all are, just many of the ones I’ve met.
    God bless and I hope this helps.

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